In our preschool we want children and families to enjoy being involved in all aspects of their child's care. Children need to know that other adults care about them and will help them to play and work with the activities and opportunities offered at the preschool. Parents need to feel confident in the ability of the adult in the group to look after and encourage their children to participate, upset children cannot relax and enjoy the different activities available.


It is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our local community have access to the setting through open fair and clearly communicated procedures.

We operate a waiting list when necessary.

While welcoming siblings of all past children we will try to ensure that children moving into the area are accommodated by ensuring that our setting accepts children as soon as possible after they reach the statutory starting age, irrespective of the time they have been on the waiting list.

The waiting list is not operated on a first come first served basis, but by a fairer system, by date of birth. Families joining the group will be aware of our equal opportunity policy.

Children at the setting will be either fee paying at a set hourly rate (under 3) or eligible to claim up to 15 hours of free funding from WSCC (term after 3rd birthday) This structure will be discussed at the admissions stage and any questions answered.

Once your child is eligible for the funding, the setting will provide the relevant paperwork and claim on your behalf. The hours can be changed throughout the year by mutual agreement and amendments will be forwarded to WCSS by way of the termly headcount. Additional hours above the 15 hours will be invoiced and charged at the hourly rate.

Fees are due termly and invoices will be raised and distributed before the new term commences. The setting accepts BACS payments, cheques, cash or vouchers from many providers. Payment plans are available and this can again be discussed at the admissions stage. (also refer to our parent agreement).

Settling in

When children are of an age to start at preschool we will:

  • encourage parents with their child, to visit our preschool on a number of occasions before their child is due to start attending regularly;
  • agree, through discussion with the parents, how we will introduce and settle a child into the preschool, to ensure that the individual needs of the child are being met;
  • welcome parents at our sessions until they feel that their child has settled in and no longer needs them there;
  • increase the time that new children will stay at each session and the number of sessions to attend, agreed with the parents; we will only be able to offer two and half hour sessions owing to the restrictions of our rented accommodation.
  • be reassuring to parents who are anxious about their child by:
  • telephoning the parent to assure them that their child is happily involved;
  • suggesting that they collect their child earlier than the others;
  • telling the parents what activities their child has enjoyed, as something to be shared later.

Updated July 2022